How it works

And so workst

The marketing team
marketing team consists of experienced advertising experts who help you to place y advertising in an attention-grabbing and target-oriented manner.
Through international cooperation, we are constantly expanding network which allows us to optimize y high-performance appearance constantly.

The technology team
With us, you need not be afraid of fake news or phishing: technology team has developed a state-of-the-art operating software that supports y data reliably and permanently thanks to the highest security standards.
Continuous further developments ensure constant safety.

The Media Team
media team understands itself as a traffic generator of Myadwin.
The team has a daily overview of the global Internet market and is always informed about the best traffic available at the best rates.
Thanks to large purchasing volume, we are able to negotiate purchasing conditions which represent an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

The support team
Sophisticated technology, extensive cash-back payments, perhaps an incomprehensible billing mode or simply human errors - we can not exclude questions and problems. Despite a maximum of transparency and care. support team is 24 hs available a day to help you with any questions or problems directly, quickly and easily.

Myadwin offers its members different possibilities to become active and advertising members!

Wenn Sie noch Fragen zu unseren Server haben, schreiben Sie uns doch einfach eine Email an [email protected]

Our Affiliate-Programm

Together, we are always strong. The more satisfied members the Myadwin community has, the greater the success for all. That’s why loyal and active members are especially dear to us. Therefore, we have developed a five-step affiliate program. In the first step, every member will receive 7% commission from the booked advertisement of a new member who he recruited for the Myadwin community. And the best thing: if this new member will recruit also new members for the community, the initial recruiter will also take part with a commission of 5%. This revenue share continues up to a fifth level, where we still pay a 1% commission to the original initial recruiter.


Purchase of Adpacks

Book advertising and receive 24 x a day payout from the cashback pool! Depending on how much advertising you are switching the more you will be involved!

The worst advertising is no advertising. Start with us by presenting y product or services with Myadwin or with one of 64 partner networks. Great reach and high attention is guaranteed as a constant price as well.

Each advertiser will be involved automatically in cash-back pool. This cash-back pool distributes a reimbursement 24 times a day, which can be daily up to 2% of the purchase price. The cash-back will be credited to the personal customer account daily, but can also be used to purchase additional advertising packages. The higher the value of the booked advertising, the higher is the corresponding participation in the cash-back pool.

Cash4Shopping (Beta)

Double-Savings: Myadwin has entered into a cooperation with the shopping website Cash4Shopping, where Myadwin members can shop from more than 500 vendors such as Amazon, Maxdome or Ebay. For their purchases at Cash4Shopping, members will receive discounts - whether for booking a trip or buying a piece of clothing! In addition, Cash4Shopping will reward members of Myadwin w exclusively with bonus points, which they can use to purchase additional advertising services at Myadwin.

Advantages at a glance:
  • free registration!
  • up to 50% commission
  • opportunity to collect points for additional advertising at Myadwin!
  • more than 500 well-known partners, such as Maxdome, Amazon or Ebay!

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