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Our offer

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Take-off with Internet advertising!

The worst advertising is no advertising! Many entrepreneurs are confronted with this phenomenon: They have a great product or promising services to sell and have even designed an informative website. The only problem: Potential customers, however, hardly get anything from it ...

We can help you to change it. Use the broad impact of the Internet and draw attention to yourself and your product. Regional, national, international. How it works: with our help, you can place your advertising not only on our own network worldwide, but also on the 38 most heavily frequented sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or Bing.

And the special deal for you: thanks to our long-term collaboration with these advertising networks, we offer you as our partner special flat-rate packages for which you always pay the same price - regardless of whether your advertising is clicked a hundred times a day or a thousand times. And not, as it is otherwise common, a price that increases with the frequency of your website visitors.

Our promise:

  • high-quality internet traffic
  • constant price
  • no click-bots
  • no click-scripts
  • 24 hours IP lock

Why should you advertise with us?

High quality traffic:

We provide advertising to our customers in our extensive Internet network. Furthermore, we place your product at well-known suppliers like Google, Facebook and Co. In total, we can offer our customers great attention in up to 64 networks worldwide - absolutely high-quality traffic at a stable price always.

Cash-back Pool:

Thanks to our large network, we are able to offer our customers significantly better conditions than we could with single booked advertisements. This advantage we pass to our customers as part of our cash-back pool by refunding daily up to 2%. This refund allows it our customers to reduce the purchase price for their advertising step-by-step.

Making money:

Satisfied customers are our capital, loyal customers are the foundation of our joint business success. Therefore, the runtime and the amount of your advertising will be transferred to a transparent billing system, in which particularly loyal customers can not only amortise their advertising costs step by step, but can receive up to 500% profit for every single advertisement.

Our site is SSL protected!

SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. Layers are used to address the transport layers with which the data exchange between two computers is represented. The applications are arranged at the top level. At the bottom is the hardware. Ideally, seven layers can be defined, which in turn can be assigned to a protocol or program in the ideal case. All layers help to ensure the data flow between the two computers.

In real life, the model is not always so ideal. The TCP / IP transmission protocol covers at least four layers with its two components (TCP and IP). The protocol is a kind of Esperanto in the computer world. With the exception of the Zuse computers probably all computers and operating systems support TCP / IP (resourceful tinklers have even brought the ZX81 TCP / IP). It is easy to implement, robust and secure - operationally secure. When TCP / IP was invented almost 30 years ago, the main focus was on creating a fail-safe and stable connection with high operational reliability. The security and authenticity of the transmitted data played a subordinate role

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